Laundry and Service Wash available. We will either do a service wash for you, or you can purchase a token and DIY. We will do business or private service washes.


Washing on holiday, really?

A washing cycle takes around 45 mins, so take a look around the shop, grab a coffee, pick up a book, and before you know it your washing is done.

Visiting Uig, did you come all this way to waste time washing? Leave it with us, enjoy our beautiful island, pick up your laundry en-route, fresh, clean, and just ready to go. Take home suitcases of clean clothes for a change!


We will wash and dry clothing only

  • all cleaning needs to be separated into darks and lights as will not be responsible for any colour run, colour loss, or shrinkage
  • please make sure all items are washable and not dry clean as we will not be responsible for dry clean items put in for washing
  • we do not empty out pockets – please make sure there are no pens, money, loose screws, tissues, etc. in the pockets which may cause damage to other garments!
  • we will not be responsible for any loose buttons or other adornments on garments


Ours are industrial sized machines and can wash even a King Size Duvet!

Not sure the weight of your laundry?

  • 16 pounds (lbs) – e.g. 5 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, 5 underwear garments, and 5 t-shirts.
  • 24 pounds (lbs) – e.g. 10 shirts, 5 pairs of jeans, 10 underwear garments, 10 t-shirts.
  • 32 pounds (lbs) – e.g. 15 shirts, 7 pairs of jeans, 15 underwear garments, 15 t-shirts.