Petrol and diesel available 24/7. Out of hours Payment Terminal on a Sunday.


Petrol and diesel available 24/7. Out of Hours Payment Terminal on a Sunday


Petrol and diesel available 24/7. Out of hours Payment Terminal on a Sunday.

Delivery Service

delivery serviceIf you are visiting one of our wonderful holiday cottages Uig Community Shop can deliver your groceries just before you arrive.

We will put fresh food in the fridge, any frozen food in the freezer etc, so you can relax as soon as you step in through the door.

This means that you don’t have to lug everything with you, particularly those fresh food items that may not travel well. The alternative – do you really want to hunt for a supermarket when you get off the ferry? All you have to do is pop in an pay for them when convenient.

Ordering and delivery

To place an order please fill in our oredr giving your name, home address and telephone number, the name and address of the house you will be staying at, the date and time you would like the delivery and what you would like your order to include

Please allow a minimum of 1 weeks notice when placing an order.

We have an extensive range of fresh fruit and vegetables, chiller and frozen items, wines, beers and lagers, medicines, toiletries and household items. We have an interesting wholefood section and can cater for special dietary needs.

Order Form

Please download and fill in the form below, send it back to us either as an email attachment to info@uigcommunityshop.co.uk, or by post. Please order one week in advance of arrival.


We'd love to hear from you either by calling us on

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If you would like to enquire about any of our services we’d love to hear from you so please get in touch on 01851 672 444 or you can email us at info@uigcommunityshop.co.uk. Alternatively you can submit a contact form using the button below.